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Fruit Cleaning Machine

Fruit cleaning machine could wash the big and round fruits & vegetables, also named washing machine. There’s a wide application for fruits deep, fruit products and vegetables products process factory.

Detailed description

Brief introduction of the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine

It is an automatic and continuous working method fruit cleaning machine. It can be widely used for clean and wash fruit & vegetables, like coconut, dragon fruit, grapefruit, hami melon, cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkin, pawpaw, watermelon, white gourd and so on.


Working principle of the automatic fruit washer

It is an ideal equipment for food and beverage processing factory, vegetable products process factory etc.

There’s four director water nozzles to clean the products on the delivery conveyor. Beside door can be opened to observe the working method, and bottom tank can collect the water and reuse it again.

This type washing machine function and working length can be customized by customer demands.



Technical parameters of the round coconut cleaning machine.






2-4   t/h

3   kw

5m   length



6   kw

8-10m   length




More   than 10m length

Advantages of the washing machine for fruits and vegetables.

1. Made by food grade SUS304 raw material. It can meet the food production standard.

2. Multi-angle washing to clean the fruits and vegetables. High efficiency.

3. Different working function can be made according to your demands. Such as feeder, fruit washer working length and width, blower, oil spraying and so on.

4. Fully automatic type and semi-auto type can be chose by customer.

5. Save energy, easy operation and cleaning for vegetable cleaner.


Delivery and services details of the fruit cleaning machine


FAQ of the vegetable and fruit washer and cleaner machine.

1. If we could get the clean products after washing machine?

Yes. The washing effect is very good, because there’s different side water spraying nozzle to clean, and we could customize brushes on the fruit and vegetable washing machine according to customer raw material and requirements.

2. If you have other fruit and vegetable process equipment.

We mainly engaged in manufacturing the fruit and vegetable process equipment, such as cleaning machine, sorting machine, slicing machine and drying machines and so on. Just inform us your purchase plan or production idea, we will design the proposal for your reference.

3. When will you deliver the goods to us? How could you ensure the cleaning fruit machine quality?

Generally, we will arrange automatic washing machine production after got deposit, during production, we will send customer some cleaner machine pics and related videos to check, if there’s any problem, we will modify it and confirm with you again, until you are satisfied with fruit washing machine. Then arrange delivery or transportation.

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