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Brush And Spraying Fruits Cleaner&Blower Machine

This fruit cleaner machine is suitable for fruits such as strawberry, citrus, jujube, apple and mango, which can not lose the fruit epidermis. Brush is used to clean the surface of the material in the lower part, and high-pressure water spray is used on the upper part.

Detailed description


Blower part can effectively remove water droplets on the surface of fresh fruits, greatly shorten the preparation work of labeling and packing. It is suitable for assembly line operation to improve the degree of production automation of enterprises. The dry air temperature is the normal temperature, which effectively protects the color and quality of the material.


Advantages of washing machine fresh vegetables.

1. Rotate brushes cleaning, high clean rate. Brushes qty can be installed by ur needs.

2. Working speed can be adjusted. Working length and capacity can be customized by customer demands.

3. Meet the export standards, save labor cost, stable clean working performance, and high efficiency.


FAQ of Fresh Vegetables Cleaning and Washing Machinery

Q1. What’s your minimum order quantity for fruit cleaner machine?


Q2. What’s the material of your vegetable washing machine?

---Fruit cleaner machine is made by food grade stainless steel304.

Q3. How can i choose fruit cleaner machine?

---We will introduce suitable model according to your capacity and warehouse size request. There’s fruit process line and semi/fully auto fruit working machine can be chosen by you.

Q4. Spare parts of the cleaner fruit machine?

---Brushes and Water Nozzle. We will send one year’s these parts with machine to customer.


We have committed to manufacture fruit and vegetable processing machinery for many years, if you have any requirements, please contact us to get official offer and project proposal.

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