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Vegetable Cutting And Slicing Machine

Vegetable cutting and slicing machine with fully automatic feeding conveyor, cutting&slicing and discharge conveyor, which is widely used by vegetable and fruit cube making factory.

Detailed description

Introduction of machine to cut and slice of vegetables

Vegetable cutting and slicing, also named fruit and vegetable cube making machine, which can be used to cut kinds of different fresh fruits and vegetables. Such as onion, potato, carrot, ginger, celery, sweet potato, pumpkin, winter squash, apple, pear, banana, lemon, orange and so on.


Vegetable cutting and slicing is completely made of high-quality and food grade SUS304 material, It mainly includes feeder lifter conveyor, vegetable cutting system, and output delivery conveyor.

Parameters of vegetable cutting and slicing





Cutter and slicer machine


Voltage: 380V

Power: 2.0KW

Capacity: 1000kg/h



Voltage: 380V

Power: 2.0KW



Features of stainless steel vegetable cutting and slicing

●Multi functional. Widely suitable for different fresh fruit and vegetable.

●Very easy to operate and clean. There’s controller button to control the onion cutter machine.

●Save labor cost, just 1set fruit and vegetable cutting machine can replace more than 3 person job, it is high output.

●Knife material is stainless steel, and the knife can be adjusted according to customer required products shape.


High technology and durable cutting and slicing vegetable machine, it can improve the working efficiency, unique knife design, so the cutting and slicing size can be adjusted, Customer can choose just cutting or just slicing, also it will be no problem for cut and slice.


Detailed Image of vegetable cutting and slicing equipment



1. Can we adjust the cutting material size for the vegetable cutting machine?

---Yes, of course, customer could adjust the onion cutting cube size as per self demands.

2. Do you have any other vegetable process equipment?

---Yes. We mainly engaged in research and manufacture fruit and vegetable deep process equipment. There’s other vegetable process machine, such as: vegetable sorting machine, vegetable cleaner and dryer machine, dry vegetable making machine and so on.

3. How about your delivery time for the vegetable cube handle machine?

---Generally, 1set vegetable cutting machine with lifter conveyor and output conveyor production time is around 5-8 working days. We will arrange production after got the deposit. Transportation time, we could confirm it after got your nearest shipping port.

4. How long is the guarantee? 

The onion process machine will have one year guarantee. Problem which are caused by machine self and vegetable cutter machine quality, we will send the spare parts to customer for free. 


We have committed to manufacture fruit and vegetable processing machinery for many years, if you have any requirements, please contact us to get official offer and project proposal.

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