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Onion Roots Tail Cutting Machine

We supply automatic onion roots tail cutting machine, single conveyor or double conveyor onion root cutter, used to cut the root and tail of onions, no requirements for onion size and moisture, non-stop cutting technology.

Detailed description

Brief introduction of Onion Roots Tail Cutting machine

Onion roots tail cutting machine is used to cut the root and tail of onion based on the original patent technology, upgrades and improves the equipment, making the equipment more stable and easy to operate. It is the first choice of onion processing equipment for domestic and foreign onion processing enterprises.

It has no special requirements for the size, moisture, and origin of the onion, onion root can be cut one-time for any condition, and resection clean, no damage; the machine has been widely used in vegetable processing industry. 

The onion roots tail cutting machine adopts original conveyor belt non-stop automatic cutting technology. 

The equipment is cleverly designed, with good effect and high yield. It is suitable for the processing and production of large quantities of onion roots cutting. 

Single conveyor onion roots tail cutting machine



Parameters of Onion Roots Tail Cutting machine











Single conveyor

Double conveyor







Double conveyor onion roots tail cutting machine


Advantage of Onion Roots Tail Cutting machine

1. The onion no need to grade, no limited for size, moisture, origin, all can be the perfect cut.

2. Automatic cutting, automatic completion and removal of clean and undamaged.

3. The equipment automatically adjusts the cutting root size to ensure that the resection size is consistent and the recovery rate of finished products is high.

4. The equipment can adjust the depth of the onion root to meet the customer demand.

5. The equipment is designed with no vulnerable parts, with longer service life, lower cost and higher


6. 304 stainless steel main body and shell, more in line with international health standard.



Professional & Durable Packing



1.  Does onion roots cutting machine suitable to different size onion?

--- yes, It suitable for vareity size of onion, no difference in size and moisture.

2.  Can this machine cut the mini onion?

---If your onion is less than 60mm, we can customize the machine to meet your demand, please contact us to discuss.

3.  Do I need to feed by hand?

Since the onion need to put on right pistion, yes it will put by hand, also we have feeding device to assist.

4.  How long is the guarantee? 

We provide One year guarantee, life-time consultant and technical support

5.  What about the payment term?

T/T, Western Union, Paypal payment, L/C and so on. 


We are committed to food processing machinery industry for years, professional on supply variety fruits and vegetable processing line designing and manufacturing, please contact us to get official offer.

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