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Automatic Small Onion Peeling Machine

We supply automatic onion peeler machine, include common size onion and small micro onions, which is used to remove the skin of onions, equipped with the air compressor to achieve the best performance of onion peeling, high peeling rate without damage to meat.

Detailed description


Small micro onions peeling machine

Onions with a diameter of 25-40mm belong to small micro onions. The artificial peeling efficiency of this onion is very low. It is a work that wastes labor and has no inefficient. However, because the small micro onion has less water and spicy taste, it is a superior material for making seasonings and has a broad application market, and the demand for such professional small onion peeling machines is urgently on the market. After several years of painstaking research, the peeling machine developed specifically for small micro onions has finally successfully entered the market of onion enterprises. For the peeling of such small micro onions, a special peeling method is required. The model has applied for a national patent, and the structure of the machine is rigorous and reasonable in design.


Features of mini onion peeler

◇  Fully automatic mechanized operation, just pour the unpeeled onion into the hopper, the machine conveyor belt can transport the onion to the peeling mechanism, and the equipment will be fully peeled.

◇  The peeling power is large, whether the onion skin is thick and thin, the skin pine is tight or the most difficult to peel the frozen onion can be peeled off at one time.

◇  Large capacity, can peel 28800 onions per hour (weight according to onion size).

◇  Can be combined with onion other such as cutting machine, slicer, dicing machine, dryer, etc. to form a fully automatic line onion processing equipment.


Parameters of micro onion peeler








380v,50HZ,3   phase










1.    Is this small onion peeler machine fully automatic ?

--- yes, It is automatic feeding, peeling and discharging, PLC control system.

2.    What is the application range of onions?

--- It mainly for small micro onions in 25-40mm diameter.

3.  Can this onion peeling machine peel the mini red onions?

---It is professional mini onion peeling machine apply to 25-40mm micro onions.

4.  How long is the guarantee? 

We provide One year guarantee, life-time consultant and technical support

5.  What about the payment term?

T/T, Western Union, Paypal payment, L/C and so on. 


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