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You Should Know About Fruits &Vegetables Cleaning Machine

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2017

Fruits & Vegetables Cleaning Machine mainly have two types: Brush Type Cleaner and Air Bubble Automatic Cleaning System. Brush type cleaning machine, it is suitable for smaller and medium capacity around 300-2000kg/h factory and shops. Air bubble cleaning system is better for big capacity higher than 1000kg/h medium and big factory.

Air Bubble cleaning system working principle is to use the air blower sent to cleaning tank, make the water clean the raw material to produce dramatic turn, due to the air violent mixing, the water in the fast-flowing water to scrub and clean the dirt on the surface of material. Using air mixing, wash away dirt efficiency, it can make the raw material from damage under strong turn, so it is widely used in clean the fruit & vegetable material, and packed goods clean.

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There is different working function: Fruit and vegetable feeder, cleaner, blower, dryer, sterilizer, packer and so on. Before purchase, pls confirm your raw material, capacity, machinery request, we will introduce suitable one to you.