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Washing Drying Sorting Machinery Space To Provide Full And Effective Drying Time

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2017

1, in the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, first remove the wet air, so that it contains very low residual moisture. Then, by heating the air to reduce its relative humidity. At this time, the dry air vapor pressure is low. By heating, the water molecules inside the particles get rid of the binding force and diffuse into the air around the particles.

When inspecting the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, pay special attention to air filters and hoses. The clogged filter or flattened hose will reduce the airflow, which will affect the operation of the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery; the damaged filter will pollute the desiccant and inhibit its moisture absorption capacity;

2, heat is to open the water molecules and moisture between the polymer of the key. When higher than a certain temperature, the water molecules and polymer chains will greatly reduce the gravity, the water vapor is dry air away.

In a dry gas path, the drying temperature should be checked at the silo inlet to compensate for the heat loss of the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery in the hose. The air temperature at the entrance of the bin is low, possibly due to improper regulation of the controller and lack of insulation, or heater element, heater current contactor, thermocouple or controller failure.

3, in the air around the particles, the heat absorption and water molecules to the particle surface diffusion takes some time. Therefore, the resin supplier should specify the time it takes for a material to be effectively dried at the appropriate temperature and dew point.

4, dry hot air will heat transfer to the dry silo in the particles, remove the particles on the surface of the moisture, and then the moisture back to the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery. Therefore, there must be sufficient air to heat the resin to the drying temperature and to maintain the temperature for a certain period of time.

After the material has not been properly dried from the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, check whether the dry silo has enough space to provide sufficient effective drying time. Effective drying time refers to the time that the particles are actually exposed to the appropriate drying temperature and dew point. If the residence time of the particles in the silo is insufficient, proper drying is not obtained. Therefore, attention should be paid to the size and shape of the pellets or crushed materials, which can affect the bulk density and residence time of the drying material.