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The Use Of High-power Air Compressor Air Flow

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 17, 2017

On the current situation, with the continuous development of the catering industry, the production of garlic garlic will also be a better development and application of the majority of users have been well received.

For the application of garlic garlic, without the use of air compressor in the case of peeling rate can reach about 90%, if accompanied by air compressor peeling rate can reach more than 98%. Motor overheating automatic protection device to improve the motor life. Automatic wear garlic motor motor protection device, installed correctly after the boot, safe and reliable, sub-file speed, the use of free, off the garlic can peel different varieties of garlic. Modular structure, easy to disassemble, easy to clean. Stripped garlic machine sub-valve, peel garlic, cut garlic machine a multi-purpose, is a high-efficiency peeling machinery, garlic no need to go through the water can use the equipment peeling.

Speaking of garlic garments we are no strangers, in today's many industries continue to develop the situation, including the garlic garlic, including a variety of machinery have been a better development and application, we all know that each product Application, have some of its own characteristics, then for the garlic garlic is what kind of excellent features?

The use of garlic garlic to ensure that no damage to garlic, electric large surface smooth, no garlic garlic pollution. Peeling automation has always been practical operation, power and other characteristics. Because of its small size, high production efficiency and easy maintenance. In addition, the price of small striped garlic affordable low rate of failure characteristics.

Today, more and more domestic food machinery, many people do not know how to pick out the most suitable for their own food machinery and equipment, the following we will briefly introduce the choice of garlic peeling machine need to pay attention to what:

1, how much is the hourly output;

2, out of the garlic with or without bumps and damage;

3, do not dry or garlic garlic;

4, there is no use of motor and peeling material auxiliary garlic peeling, but also with the air compressor strong peeling;

5, what voltage;

6, with how much air compressor;

7, the price of air compressor is how much;

8, the price of garlic garlic;

9, how much power per hour power consumption.

Garlic peeling machine of different types, the principle is not the same:

1, automatic air off the garlic peeling technology

Automatic air off garlic peeling machine is the use of high-power air compressor strength of the strong peeling technology, peeling and garlic quality with the purchase of air compressor has a direct relationship, the use of 380V voltage, the need for 5.5 or 7.5KW air compressor with Use, about 10 degrees per hour power consumption, peeling rate of 90-98% or so. Bump rate is controlled between 5-8%. At present the production of automatic gas stripping garlic manufacturers a lot of Qi, Qi and bad.

2, rotary air off garlic peeling technology

Rotary air stripping garlic is nearly two years of invention of garlic peeling technology. It is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic two kinds, it is the use of motor rotation mechanics dry Pa principle combined with poly ion composite peeling material, with 2.2KW air compressor with peeling technology, the use of 220V voltage, power consumption of about 3 degrees per hour, peeling rate Between 90-98%, the wound rate is controlled at about 5-8%.