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The Features Of Industrial Type Sugarcane Juice Extracting Machine

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 10, 2017

Sugarcane juice become more and more popular beverage in recent year. But if you know how can we get the sugarcane juice from sugarcane. How about the sugarcane juice extracting machine working principle?

Roller of sugar cane juicer machinery.jpg

“Compressive principle, design of gears reduction gear box” is the word to learn sugarcane juice press machine, there’s shock proof function to avoid the big noise during working. The juicing wheel material is stainless steel. The anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion processing technology.

Operation step.

  1. Peel sugarcane skin, also you could process with skin.

  2. Open the start button, the juicing wheel will run, then feed sugarcane into feeding port.

  3. The juice and extracted sugarcane will be discharged from different port.

Tips: Pls clean the pressing roller and machinery after working. And inject oil on the driving section.

Sugar cane juice pressing machine.jpg