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The Big Capacity Coconut Milk Press Machinery Line

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 11, 2018

The processing line of the big capacity coconut milk extracting machine

  1. Coconut meat crushing machine:It could crush the coconut meat into small powder, which named the wet desiccated coconut.the size will be about 2-4mm. the capacity is 2.5-3t/h.

  2. Conveyor: the conveyor machine could transport the desiccated coconut flour into the feeding part of the coconut milk extracting machine.

  3. Double screw type coconut milk extruding machine. it could press the milk from the desiccated coconut powder by the double screw press principle, the capacity is about 2-2.5t/h. the coconut milk juicing rate is very high, the virgin pressing milk extracting rate could be more than 55%

    coconut crushing and milking machine.png