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The Big And Improved Benefits Of The Garlic Deep Processing Products

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

In the market ,1 kg garlic is 3.6 RMB. But one compay from Qingdao could sell the garlic 20000RMB per ton after deep processing of the garlic, the deep processing products include the garlic slice, galric clove, chopped garlic . They also sell the garlic peel to the large farm plant after the scientific and technological innovation to garlic , which is truely"turning waste into treasure", one ton garli peel can sell 400 RMB. Thus, a small garlic "worth rose" to achieve the environmental protection, economic efficiency "win-win".

The final products of the garlic deep processing are garlic clove, garlic powder. The process of the garlic includes the test, storage, garlic separation, garlic skin peeled, garlic cleaning ,garlic Detoxification,garlic slicing, garlic drying, more than 20 processes, so as to ensure the quality of products could meet the requirements of foreign customers. 

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Company could provide the garlic harvesting machine, garlic separating machine, garlic peeling machine, garlic cutting machine, garlic slicing machine, garlic grinding machine, the sterilization equipments and all the machines in the garlic processing line.

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