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Save Labor And Improve Work Efficiency

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 16, 2016

China is the world's sugar producing countries, sugar cane is China's sugar industry, the main raw material, sugar production accounted for more than 90% of total sugar production. Sugarcane planting areas are mainly distributed in Guangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong, Hainan and other provinces, perennial planting about 2400 acres, four provinces and autonomous regions were planted area of about 15 million mu, 500 million mu, 250 million mu, 120 million mu. With the deepening of reform and economic development, China's rural labor force structure has undergone profound changes, mechanization has become an urgent demand for sugar cane industry, mechanization is to improve labor productivity, reduce production costs, reduce farmers' labor intensity, promote the development of China's sugar industry key.

The mechanized production of sugarcane includes the cultivation of sugarcane (deep plowing, deep pine, soil preparation), open cultivation, tillage fertilization, plant protection, irrigation (irrigation, drip irrigation, etc.), harvesting, loading and transportation, And other production processes of the mechanized operations. Sugarcane deep plowing deep pine and soil preparation, ditch planting, cultivated soil, plant protection irrigation and transportation and other aspects of the machine model has been basically mature, and has been widely used in large areas, the main producing areas of sugar cane in Guangxi, sugarcane mechanized deep plowing deep and Soil preparation, ditch cultivation, cultivated soil, plant protection irrigation and transportation levels are more than 60%.

Sugarcane mechanized harvesting technology refers to the use of sugarcane or graded harvesting machinery for sugarcane harvesting operations. The harvesting machinery includes the cutting machine, the stripping machine, the cane combine harvesting machinery including the cutting type combine harvester and the whole stalk type combine harvester, the cane combine harvester can complete the one-time fall, cut, cut, feed , Transport, (cut,) the separation of sugarcane leaves and loading and unloading and other joint operations, suitable for large area, flat, standardized planting sugarcane harvest. The use of sugarcane harvest mechanization technology can significantly reduce the labor intensity, save labor, improve efficiency, reduce production costs; with mechanical harvesting cane stubble is low, is conducive to low root tiller tillering, germination and tiller, sugarcane neat and thick, Production; is conducive to promoting the large-scale operation of sugar cane and the development of agricultural industrialization.

A Comparative Study of Mechanized Harvest and Artificial Harvest. In this paper, the effects of different harvesting methods on the yield loss rate, breaking rate and working efficiency of sugarcane were compared with those of small and medium-sized incisors and sugarcane combine harvesters. By comparing the sugarcane harvest, how to reduce the cost and reduce the loss, Improve the efficiency and determine the effect of mechanical harvesting on the agronomic traits of. Guangxi Agricultural Machinery Department in Wuming County organized the Guangzhou Kelia 4GZ-56-type segmented sugarcane combine harvester harvest demonstration area of 85 acres, compared with the artificial harvest test showed. Mechanized harvesting efficiency of 0.122hm2 / h, relative to the artificial harvest of 0.002hm2 / h, to improve work efficiency of about 61 times, the cost of the acquisition of 1350 yuan / hm2, relative to the artificial harvest 1650 / hm2, reduced by 300 yuan / hectare. The average breaking rate of sugarcane perennials is 22.5% for the sugarcane perennial machine and 4.1% for the average harvest rate of artificial harvesting.