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Quality And Efficiency To Provide A Strong Guarantee

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

With the development of China's agricultural technology, fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products production is getting higher and higher, more and more rich varieties, these agricultural products in addition to fresh, a large part of the deep processing, processing fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable juice, fruit and vegetable sauce. Modern fruit and vegetable processing equipment for fruit and vegetable deep processing to provide a strong technical support.

Fruits and vegetables processing equipment, beverage processing equipment, grinding equipment, cleaning and sterilization equipment, filtration and separation equipment, quick-drying equipment, dehydration and drying equipment, which is an important means of fruit and vegetable preservation, is also an important processing technology, drying equipment and dry Technology to remove most of the fruits and vegetables in the water, to reduce water activity, inhibit microbial growth and reproduction, to extend the purpose of storage of fruits and vegetables to meet the convenience of consumers on the convenience of convenience, to facilitate the gradual entry of dried fruits and vegetables Family, in addition, dehydrated fruits and vegetables can also be used to extract pigments, pharmaceuticals and excipients as food.

To maximize the preservation of fruit and vegetable color, smell, taste and nutrients, must be designed for different fruits and vegetables to produce different drying equipment. Belt dryer is a batch continuous production equipment, with a fast drying speed, high evaporation strength, good product quality, etc., for better permeability of the material drying, for high moisture content and temperature is not allowed high material is particularly appropriate. For example, Changzhou City Jinling Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. production of carrot mustard special belt dryer is based on the belt dryer for the characteristics of carrot mustard to improve the innovative design and production.

In recent years, fruit and vegetable drying equipment and vacuum drying, freeze-drying, infiltration drying, microwave drying and other aspects of development, which equipment manufacturers to put forward higher requirements, but also for fruit and vegetable processing quality and efficiency to provide a strong guarantee, Processing development.