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Palm Dates Features And Processing

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 18, 2017



The date is the fruit of the date palm tree (scientific name: Phoenix dactylifera). 

The date is rich in nutrition and fructose, which has the lowest glycemic index, so it can be eaten in moderation for diabetics. Besides being rich in fructose, dates contain a variety of vitamins, protein, mineral elements and other nutrients, which are considered to be a good tonic. Not only that, the date fruit is sweet and nutritious, it can be used as food and fruit, it is also the raw material for sugar and wine making. It can be made into various kinds of confectionery, high syrup, biscuits and dishes, and vinegar and alcohol.

By using our dates pitting machine, can keep the dates in original shape and taste, the dates palm wont broken or damaged during pitting process and make sure the less flesh loss, the pitted seeds are clean almost without any meat.

Besides, to cater to the taste and marketing trend, we developed the cut on side function, which cut the dates in side after pitting, for nuts or other material plus, which is more and more popular in international dates process market.

We also supply dates washing machine, dates drying machine, dates sorting machine, etc. The whole dates processing and packing line.