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Nuts Processing Machinery The Emphasis On Environmental Protection Is Reflected In Each Process

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

One, almond

1, planting and picking equipment. Most of the US processing plants have their own planting base, from planting to picking and collecting are mechanized, effective control to ensure the quality of raw materials supply.

Unlike the traditional picking method, California's almond is used to pick up the tree. Shake the form of the tree for the front of the project car stretched out two long arm, the work of the long arm holding the trunk, violently shaking, mature fruit pods will be rolled down, fell to the ground,Nuts Processing Machinery

 a special fruit machine Shake the pods that were shaken by the tree shaker and suck them into the truck and remove the big debris from the branches before the factory.

2, pretreatment process and equipment. Into the factory, the de-pod, to miscellaneous, grading and other pretreatment through the duct conveyor will be sent to the sorting workshop almond, and then artificial selection, to those who failed (such as broken, Lees out of white flesh). In each pipe conveyor mouth are equipped with magnet equipment, suck out may be mixed in the almond in the metal.

3, storage technology and equipment. After the sorting is completed, the almond is generally stored in a cabinet, silo and other equipment. The key to ensuring the quality of almond is to keep the almond in a cool, dry environment. High temperature, high humidity will significantly reduce the quality of almond, and shorten the shelf life. Such as stored in 0 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius, relative humidity less than 65% of the case, the whole shell with almond can be stored for two years, the quality will not change.

4, cooked processing technology and equipment. Almond processing in addition to skin, sliced, chopped and other processing, into the cooked system. US almond processing system is relatively simple, through the drum-type mixing machine to stir the material evenly on the raw materials, and then through the mesh belt dryer drying, drying products and then through the pipeline conveyor to the points Check the workshop for manual sorting again. But also according to the requirements in the external package of chocolate and other flavors of the seasoning. Finally packed.

Second, pistachio

1, pistachios picking equipment (similar to almond, no longer detailed).

2, pretreatment process and equipment. Pistachio into the huge storage tower before the first to miscellaneous, grading and other pretreatment, it is worth mentioning that the separation of the pistachio process is to open the shell and not open shell of pistachio separation. There are two ways: First, through the drum separation, in the drum inside the installation of the separator, the shell will not open the shell of the pistachio separation. Second, the "washing method", this process can not only be removed in the pistachio debris removal, but also quickly open the shell and not open shell of pistachios are separated, open shell pistachios are full fruit and sink Underwater, unopened pistachios will float on the water. (Mature pistachio nuts full in the growth process will be the top of the shell to open the natural open shell, and naturally not open the shell proved pistachio nuts are not full)

3, storage technology and equipment. There are more than 200 large cylindrical tin storage towers in the Paramount farm. This can maintain a constant temperature and humidity perennial storage tower, the largest can store 1.7 million pounds. The annual harvest season, Paramount in just six weeks, more than 70% of California's pistachios are sent to these storage tower.

4, cooked processing technology and equipment. Pistachio processing is the main method of salting, the high concentration of salt water through the drum-type mixing machine evenly attached to the pistachio surface, and then through the drum dryer or mesh belt dryer can be dried.

Three, Bi-root fruit

1, Pizza fruit picking and almond similar (similar to the almond, no longer detailed).

2, pretreatment process and equipment. Pigeon fruit picking after the first removal of branches, grass sticks and other large impurities, after the election for dust removal treatment after grading treatment, graded processing is the Bi-root into the multi-layer screen vibrating conveyor, through the screen The size of the mesh is graded. After the classification of shell processing, Bi-root fruit into the shell after the shell is a special lift with the orderly arrangement of Pineapple and enhance one by one,Nuts Processing Machinery

 in the process of upgrading through the extrusion force to break its shell.

3, storage technology and equipment. Pine fruit storage: cold storage temperature of -1 ~ -2 ° C; with raw material storage temperature of 2 ~ 3 ° C.

4, cooked processing technology and equipment. Berry fruit tasty after drying for nearly 24 hours. (Did not see the Bi-root fruit to astringent process,Nuts Processing Machinery

 Hudson farm staff said Bi-root fruit bitter taste and variety, freshness and moisture content of raw materials, the scientific basis for research).

Four, some experience

1, equipment design and manufacture of energy-saving, efficient, practical and strong. By visiting the cultivation, production and processing of almond, pistachio, picornine. We see the US processing plant from raw material storage, raw material pretreatment (screening, grading, color selection), cooked processing, packaging and other processes are fully automated mechanized continuous production. The turnover between each process is the use of mechanical means to reduce the manual flow between processes, both to save labor, to avoid secondary pollution in the processing process, but also effectively improve the production efficiency. In particular,Nuts Processing Machinery

 the pipeline conveyor, from the distance, to enhance the angle and height restrictions, can be processed raw materials to any process, is very worthy of reference. There is also a detail that we observe that they are used to carry raw materials or products, most of the temporary storage capacity of 1000 pounds, which is conducive to rough measurement. The emphasis on environmental protection is reflected in the process of dealing with possible environmental pollution.

2, picking equipment for the domestic blank. The inspection of the equipment in the personal feel that the picking equipment is a blank, pretreatment and drying equipment and domestic use of equipment or less.