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Low Price Of The Date Pitter And Olive Pitting Machine

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2018

Dear Customers:

For thanks giving your support on our date pitting machine and olive pitter machine, from now on, during the whole month of June, our date pitter machine and olive pitting machine will be on sale, the price is very cheap, pls send us your detailed demands, we will offer you the best price.

Our date pitter and olive pitting machine could remove the seed of the Iraq date, korea red jujubes, India dry date, Pakistan date, and fresh dates. It could also remove the stone of the fresh olive, the pitting rate is very high, and the capacity is very big.

We have the manual type date pitter, and also have the electric date pitting machine, our newest PLC control date pitting machine is very popular, the material is whole stainless steel, and the working performance is very stable, we will give you big discount if you place order on this month.

Thank you!