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How To Produce Potato Chips --Made In China Potato Chips Production Line

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 10, 2016

Potato chips production line working flow and technique.

Potato--Cleaning&Peeling--Picking--Slicing--Rinsing--Blanching&Color--Air Drying--Frying--Drain Oil--Seasoning--Packing.

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1. During low temperature of oil, the potato surface bubbles, internal with oil, color deeper, So to produce potato chips at high temperature is better.

2. Frying temperature should be control in 180-190. Not higher than 200, the frying time is better around 1min.

3. The selection of oil, better to use the pure peanut oil, corn oil, and cotton seed oil, If you use the lard oil, better to choose the lard oil after treatment of deodorization and hydrogenation.

4. During production, fried oil should change in time, potato chips oil adsorption faster, better to pour into fresh oil constantly.

5. Fried oil should filter after using for a period of time, to remove oil fried coke in starch granular material and other fried coke, if without this step, it will affect the taste of fried potato chips and appearance.

6. After finish the production of fired potato chips and french fries at potato chip process line, we could add some seasoning, when potato chips come into mixing machine from conveyor belt, you could add 1.5-2% salt and other kinds of spices inner of mixing machine (It depends on your local taste habit). Then packing. Sweet tips: Potato chips before frying, if you use raw potato protein hydrolyzed protein solution leaching to soak, it will improve its flavor.

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