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How To Process The Small Olive

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Olive pitter:

Olive Pitting Machine is used for pitting fruits such as dates, plum, olive, etc. The dates without pit can be much more convenient to use. The most important thing is, after pitting, dates still have high integrity flesh rate.

date pitter machine.JPG

Working Process:
This kind of pitting machine adopts high speed sprinting and penetrating theory.
 It uses electromagnetic vibration feeder for automatic feeding and rotating disc type feeder for loading material automatically, then sends the fruit to pitting stations by the chain conveyor. Under the help of the upper die, the wedge centralizer die can finish automatic axis positioning and clamping. Then the punch-pin goes down and punch the fruit pit, subsequently the upper die goes back and separate the lower die by the elasticity. Finally the fruit pulp was sent to the discharge hole by chain conveyor. The faster the speed of the punch-pin is, the more integrated the fruit will keep.


Olive slicing Machine

The olive slice cutting machine could cut the olive and date into uniform thickness slice, it has simple structure, easy maintenance, easy operation, wide range of application, high yield. It is suitable for fresh and dry dates, jujube, olive, plum, plum, for all kinds of diameter, solved the problems of low inefficiency,  non-uniform thickness, high broken rate, poor sanitation condition in food processing industry.

olive slice.jpg