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How To Process The Palm Date Pulp Beverage

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 19, 2018

The Palm date could process into two product: one is the solid date, such as the date cube, date slice, and other date packing products, it could use the washing machine to clean the date, and then use the palm date pitter to remove the seed of the date, and finally use the cutting machine to process the final product and pack it. The other final product is the red date pulp which is very delicious.

The first step is: Clean the red date by using the brush type jujube washing machine.

The second step is: Cook the dates

The third step is: Press the date into pulp by using the single chanel fruit stoning and pulping machine to press the cooked date into pulp, the date seed and slage will be separated.

The forth step:Sterilize and homogenizing the pulp by using the homogenizer.

fruit pulping machine.JPG