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Hot Air Fruits & Vegetables Drying Oven

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 17, 2017

Hot air circulation drying oven adopts fan cycle air dry method, uniform wind circulation and efficiency. Circulating air supply motor drive the rotor through the heater, and send the hot air out, through the air duct to oven chamber, then after using air suction air duct become are cycle again, for heating application.

Theres a wide application in foodstuff industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, agricultural and sideline products. Such as fruits and vegetables, Chinese traditional medicine, sausage, plastic resin and so on.

Fruit and Vegetable Drying Oven With Drying Cart Equipment For Sale.jpg

The heat source can be steam, electricity, steam and electricity, the max working temperature can reach 150, temperature of operation is 50-140. Customer can select the machinery according to capacity request.