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Fully Automatic Onion Skin Removing Machine

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 17, 2018

The onion peeling machine is suitable for onion processing enterprises and onion processing industry at home and abroad. Theres no request for onion size, dry or wet about onion, producing area, no special request. It is one-time peeling Onions, and stripped clean, no damage.

Onion Skin Removing Machine.jpg

Main Features.

1. No need to grade, not request for dry and wet, onion produce country and so on.

2. Automatic operation. Lowest damage and high peeling rate.

3. Theres no spare parts for onion skin peeling removing machine, durable and long working life.

4. Working method is peeling with onion root, theres no knife to handle onion, protect onion.