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Fruits Processing Machinery Reasonable Use Of Equipment

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2016

In recent years, biotechnology, membrane separation technology, high temperature instantaneous sterilization technology, vacuum enrichment technology, microcapsule technology, microwave technology, vacuum freeze drying technology, aseptic storage and packaging technology, ultrahigh pressure technology,Fruits Processing Machinery ultrafine grinding technology, supercritical fluid Extraction technology, puffing and extrusion technology, genetic engineering technology and related equipment have been widely used in the field of fruit processing.

Advanced sterile cold canned technology and equipment, cold beating technology and equipment in the United States, France, Germany, Sweden, Britain and other developed countries deep processing of fruit is rapidly applied, and has been rising. The rational use of these technologies and equipment, so that developed countries significantly enhance the value-added processing capacity.

Developed countries a variety of deep processing of fruit products growing prosperity, product quality and stability, increasing production, product market coverage continue to expand. In the quality, grade, variety, function and packaging and other aspects have been able to meet a variety of consumer groups and different levels of consumption needs. Diversified fruit deep processing products not only enrich people's daily life, but also expand the fruit deep processing space.

In the process of fruit processing, often produce large amounts of waste, such as wind fruit, unqualified fruit and a lot of peel, fruit, seeds, leaves, stems, flowers, roots and other waste. No waste development, has become a new international fruit processing industry hot spots.


Developed countries, agricultural products processing enterprises are from the environmental and economic benefits from the two angles of the comprehensive utilization of processing raw materials, agricultural products into high value-added products. Such as Japan, the United States, Europe and other developed countries using rice bran production of rice bran nutrient, rice bran protein and other high value-added products, its value more than 60 times.

 Extract and produce citric acid from orange peel has formed large-scale production. US ADM company in the use of agricultural products processing has a strong comprehensive utilization capacity, has achieved complete clean production (no waste production), so that the raw materials are integrated and effective use.

Developed countries fruit processing enterprises have a scientific product standard system and the entire process of quality control system, attaches great importance to the production process of food safety system, generally adopted the ISO-9000 quality management system certification, the implementation of scientific quality management, the use of GMP (good Production management procedures) for plant, workshop design, while the implementation of the process of the HACCP norms (hazard analysis and critical control points), so that product safety, health and quality has been strictly controlled and guaranteed.