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Fruits Juice And Pulp Machinery Quality Is Guaranteed

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 18, 2016

Paper machine production line equipment process is longer, the specification model is complex and more system. In the process, regardless of which stand-alone, parts damage will lead to a comprehensive shutdown, the enterprise caused some economic losses. Therefore, equipment maintenance is to ensure that the basic conditions for the normal production of paper mills, equipment maintenance management is also a focus.

Paper machine failure mainly includes two aspects, one is the inherent failure of production. The shutdown is mainly in the product quality is guaranteed and the production process requirements are met under the premise of construction, especially high-grade cultural paper production. But its handling is relatively simple; the other is the equipment failure, in the paper machine production process, there is a certain degree of particularity and complexity.

Characteristics of equipment failure

1) more equipment failure point, often have equipment failure shutdown.

2) Some parts have a shorter service life, the replacement of spare parts is relatively high frequency.

3) the fault cycle and the maintenance time occupied by a large gap between the management more difficult.

The main reason for the occurrence of equipment failure

1) wear. The main reasons include long-term contact with copper mesh, pulp, wool or forming paper wear parts and equipment, such as pulper, pulp pump, vacuum box panels, desander, calendering roller, press roll and so on. Another reason is due to the frequent movement of parts between parts, such as steam head, vacuum roll, scraper, cylinder and vacuum pump.

2) lubrication. Mechanical rotation and bearing a direct link to the roller-based paper machine, roller has more types and quantities exist, various types of bearings have hundreds, therefore, lubrication management work is extremely necessary, especially by the water , Heavy load and the impact of high temperature, lubricating oil is easy to have evaporation, loss and aging phenomenon, resulting in damage to the lubrication effect, resulting in bearing damage and shaft wear problems. Therefore, the regular inspection of refueling work is extremely necessary.

3) Fatigue. Heavy and continuous operation of the machine prone to fatigue damage. In the paper machine, due to certain parts of the mechanical structure and operating principle of the constraints, parts can not have too much design strength exists, to avoid damage caused by the phenomenon, you can use maintenance techniques and other measures to solve.