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Fruits Destoning Andpulping Machine .

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 08, 2018

Fruits destoning&pulping machine is suitable for different kinds of fresh fruit and vegetable pulp making, such as tomato, kiwi fruit, strawberry, apple, mango, hawthorn, apricot, mulberry, red bayberry and pre-cooked fruit such as hawthorn and date. It can be used for the separation of seeds and pulp from fruits of various kinds of fruits with seeds. It is ideal equipment for deep food processing industry.


1. This machine has single-channel, double-channel, three-channel three types as option;

2. Automatic separation of pulp and seeds;

3. Screen: cylindrical shape;

4. Screen mesh: 0.6-8mm customized according to the user's choice;

5. Beating speed: 860r Min (can be set variable frequency speed);

6. Made of food degree 304 stainless steel, the seals are made of food grade rubber