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Feedback From Philippine Customer About The Coconut Milk Extract Machine

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Customer from Philipine

Purchase time: April, 2017.

Item: 3 sets coconut meat crushing machines, 3 sets coconut milk squeezing machines.3 conveyors to connect the coconut meat gring machine and coconut juice pressing machine.

Feedback:The double screw coconut milk extracting machine works very well, the juicing rate is very high more than the old double screw machine buy from other supplier. After 6 month working, there is no any breakdown, the working perofrmance is very stable. The double screw coconut milk extrac machine is very easy to clean, just by using the high pressure water tube could wash it cleanly and fastly. It is the most important  machine in the virgin coconut milk beverage and Virgin Coconut Oil processing machines. It bring profit in the soon time.