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Dry Way Garlic Peeling Machine Advantages And Economic Benefits

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

In tradional , the garlic deep processing way is by using the mixer with water mixing, both water consumption, and also produced a lot of garlic garbage and waste water, and also affected the quality of garlic. 

In order to achieve comprehensive utilization, improve product quality, energy efficiency, we developed a high-pressure air stripping machine, to achieve the garlic peel from the "wet" to "dry" changes. In this way, garlic waste peels also can be directly concentrated package, sold to large farms, feeding cattle, sheep, goose, etc.,and it also could be made to be bactericidal anti-inflammatory medicine,which is the most environmentally friendly anti-inflammatory drugs. 

One ton of garlic can be sold for 400 RMB, the production capacity of a large amount of time every day to produce 5 tons of garlic, only small garlic can sell 2,000 RMB a day,it could bring big profits.