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Dates Processing Machinery Different Performance And Different

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 21, 2016

1) First of all, you can ask the other party for the key or complex parts of the initial process arrangements, detailed to each process, the time-consuming process

2) The processing cost can be calculated based on the hourly cost of the equipment required for each process. Specific equipment costs you can also ask the supplier to, for example,

Ordinary legislation plus hourly between ¥ 60 ~ 80 (including tax) milling machine, general car and other general equipment is generally ¥ 30. The The

3) in accordance with the proportion of packaging and transportation, management costs, tooling tool, profit is the price

Of course, the price to a certain extent, and the parts of the annual purchase and the degree of difficulty has a great relationship.

Single and batch will be a lot of price, which is also very easy to understand.

1) for large, bulky, heavier weight.

Difficulty: the processing cost is about 1: 1 ratio of the raw material cost of the whole part, which is inversely proportional to the purchase amount;

More difficult: processing costs about the cost of raw materials with the whole part of the ratio of 1.2 to 1.5: 1, this ratio is inversely proportional to the purchase;

2) for small pieces

Difficulty: the processing cost is about the same as the whole part of the raw material cost ratio of 2 to 3: 1, this ratio is inversely proportional to the purchase;

More difficult: processing costs and the whole part of the raw material cost ratio of 5 to 10: 1, this ratio is inversely proportional to the purchase;

Because there is a great deal of mechanical processing flexibility, that is, a part can have a variety of process arrangements, then the cost of course, is not the same,

But suppliers sometimes offer you a complex process to raise prices, while the actual production will use other simple process, so the buyer itself

The amount of knowledge about the reading of the drawings and the processing of the parts determines the cost of your grasp, so the mechanical parts procurement requires a more comprehensive machining knowledge.

Machining costs constitute the general working hours to the!

If you want to process a workpiece, the first is the cost of the other materials; and then to buy some of the travel expenses (generally not);

The most important thing is that you want to process the workpiece required processing hours, the general driver 10-20 yuan / hour, fitter to be less about 10-15 / hour; the rest is not in the example;

If there is no ready-made tools (such as knives, molds), the purchase cost is also need you to bear part or all; finally add up is the processing fee you have to pay!

Material costs, machine depreciation, labor costs, management fees, taxes and other basic is to. Or the material costs, processing fees and taxes, as well as business costs, transportation costs, do the budget needs of the market there is a very thorough understanding, not in which fought for a few years will be completely untouchable, even my teacher Often also feeling! Do not mind a little ah!

The problem of the process should include material costs, processing fees (which processing price is not the same), equipment depreciation, workers wages, management fees, taxes and so on. Mainly to determine the process, that is, processing methods, and then according to the process to calculate the working hours, by working hours to determine the basic parts of the basic processing costs, plus other costs. The process is a very complicated knowledge of a part of the use of different processes, the price difference with the various types of processing time basic price of the work of the various types of work in fact the price is not fixed, according to the workpiece is difficult, the size of equipment, performance Of different and different, of course, the key to see how much you are, but in general it has a basic price, floating between the basic price.