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4-6 Level Orange Washing And Sorting Machine

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 27, 2017

                                             4-6 Level Orange Washing and Sorting Machine

Orange sorting machine is composed by conveying feeder, brush cleaning part, hoist rod classification unit, there are also drying part, waxing part as option. The conveying feeder achieve uniform feeding automatically by the rollarounds rotation, cleaning machine is composed of brush, installed above the water spray device and fan, gourd classifier points 4-6 level, according to the size of diameter of fruit and vegetable to sorting.

orange sorting machine.jpg


Compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, easy movement, accurate and unhurt, suitable for the tangerine with leaves, tangerine orange, citrus, pomegranate and other fruits and vegetables. It is the ideal equipment for growers, self-employed, fruits and vegetables processing plants.

The number of brushes and the sorting specifications of the classifier are determined by the customer.