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Sugarcane Processing Machinery Use the quality, function, appearance of the importance

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

In the journey of mechanization of sugarcane in China, mechanized harvest is always a difficult problem. From 2013 onwards, China began to sugar cane mechanization, especially in the field of harvest mechanization of agronomy, equipment and industrial chain and other issues to coordinate the sugar cane harvesting machinery market started again.

However, the long-term dependence on imports of sugar cane harvesting machinery has not been changed.

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This is following the foreign giants almost exclusive Chinese sugar cane harvesting machinery market, a rebalance, but also the local brand to attack the high-end market, a new achievement. Enjoy the home advantage of Zoomlion if the product reliability and adaptability in the hard work, is expected to compete with foreign brands in the dominant position, in order to achieve those who come from behind.

As a latecomer of the agricultural industry, Zoomlion saw the space of the sugar cane machinery market, in recent years to increase investment in agricultural machinery business, broaden the product line. Sugarcane harvesting machinery is one example.

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Authoritative sources told the China Industrial News reporter, in the sugar cane harvesting machine market, the domestic sugar cane machine yield less than 1%, and mostly imported products. As China's geographical structure is complex, unique agronomic model, the introduction of imported sugarcane harvester and often appear acclimatized phenomenon, sugarcane farmers have been hoping to have advanced technology, environmental adaptability, reliable quality of domestic sugar cane harvesting machine debut market. Which makes domestic sugar cane harvesting machine research is imperative.

Zoomlion launched the sugar cane harvesting machine in China's agricultural industry into a major adjustment of the "troposphere" era occurred. At present, tractors, wheat harvesters, rice harvesters and other high-level products have been running for many years, and cash crops harvest market opportunities, the market growth momentum, a new blue ocean market. Agricultural machinery market transformation is not only reflected in the growth of demand for agricultural machinery category, but also concentrated in the demand for upgrading, consumers no longer satisfied with the general use of the product function, to the pursuit of product quality, function, appearance and so on.

Sugarcane machine has a number of industry-leading patented technology, the first use of intelligent centralized lubrication system, the machine running the process of regular, quantitative, intermittent lubrication point on the continuous supply of oil to ensure that the lubrication point of good lubrication. Reduce maintenance costs, reduce the incidence of parts failure, to ensure the service life.