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Peanut and Walnut Processing Machinery Stable and reliable performance, long life, high yield

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

Peanut and Walnut Processing Machinery, peanut crusher, peanut baking machine, peanut baking furnace, peanut frying machine, peanut crusher and so on. The national peanut machinery industry leader, set peanut machinery research, development, mechanical design, production installation, commissioning services, one of the professional manufacturing company.

Peanut machinery is peanut farmers farmers indispensable machinery and equipment, whenever the harvest season peanut farmers always busy, so in order to ensure that peanut machinery in the use of time without any mistakes, please use the following instructions before the check The

1, peanut machinery before use, the first should check whether the fastening of the fasteners, rotating part of the flexibility, whether the bearing oil, peeling machine is placed smoothly.

2, the degree of dry and wet peanuts are also required, that is, peanuts can not be dry or too wet.

3, should be based on the size of peanut selection of the appropriate screen.

4, before the application of artificial peanuts peeling machine turn a few laps, if the impact of sound, should identify the cause, and then power.

5, peeling, peanut feeding to be uniform, moderate, absolutely not allowed to have iron, stones and other debris mixed to prevent the broken peanuts or caused by mechanical accidents, when the peanuts covered with sieve surface, can be opened Export switch.

6, to solve the increase in peanut shell method is to move down the motor in order to tension the fan belt, increase the amount of hair.

Peanut machinery of the three major advantages

First, with stable and reliable performance, long life, high yield, low damage rate and so on.

Second, stand-alone use, but also multi-machine combination, is the white peanuts, spicy crisp ideal processing equipment, high operational flexibility.

Third, the use of differential rolling friction belt working principle, peanuts after baking the water is less than 5% (to avoid baking paste) when peeling, ventilation system will suck the skin, peanuts and red automatically separated.

Peanut machinery contains many kinds of products belonging to the new era of scientific and technological development of products, speed up the production process. Today, many agricultural production has been highly modernized and mechanized, and the emergence of many devices, greatly improving the speed and effectiveness of the operation, so mechanized cultivation has been a very good promotion, to bring a lot of convenience to the traditional labor.

Peanut digging plow Peanut digging plow structure and general plow is more similar, and more with a small four-wheel tractor or walking tractor matching. Peanut digging plow structure is simple, low cost, good quality of work, ground drop fruit rate <4%, loss rate <3%, breakage rate <1%, is a stable performance, better economic efficiency of the machine. But this kind of peanut machinery can only complete the peanut excavation work, after excavation also need to manually complete the shaking soil, pick up, picking and other operations, the work efficiency is not high, can not meet the peanut harvest multi-link mechanized operation needs.

2. Peanut harvester. Peanut harvesting machine in the function has been further improved, to achieve the excavation and fruit separation, but still need to manually or mechanical pick up, set transport, picking. The principle of swing mining instead of the excavation shovel and the separation of the combination of the working principle, to achieve a component to complete the excavation and shaking soil two working processes, peanut harvest neatly and orderly laying in the field.

3. peanut recovery machine. Can be peanut harvest in the process of peanut fruit left out from the soil, and scattered on the ground, and then picked up by the artificial recovery. Peanut recovery machine is the product of high yield loss rate.

4. picking machine. Peanut picking machine is the harvesting machinery that peanuts pod picked off from peanuts. Can be divided into full feed and semi-feed type two.

5. Pick up the combine harvester. The peanut pick-up harvester can pick up the peanuts that are laid on the surface to pick up directly from the ground and complete the subsequent picking and finishing operations. Peanut combine harvester can complete the excavation of all peanut harvesting, cleaning, picking, fruit separation, fruit collection and seedling processing.

The above five kinds of peanut machinery, peanut planting process commonly used equipment, can reduce the production cost of farmers friends, improve operational efficiency, so by a lot of people praise. The future will have more people to experience the benefits of mechanization to the production, from planting to management to the harvest, each link of the artificial are likely to be mechanical replacement.