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Other Machinery Species diversity, the demand for large

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

Other Machinery, derived from the Greek language of Mechine and Latin Machina, originally referred to as "ingenious design", as a general Other Machinery concept, can be traced back to the Roman period, mainly for distinguishing with hand tools. The term "machinery" in modern Chinese is the general term for the mechanism and the machine. Other Machinery features are: Other Machinery is a combination of artificial physical components. There is a definite relative movement between the various parts of the machine. So the machine can convert Other Machinery energy or complete the useful Other Machinery work, is the most basic concept of modern Other Machinery principles, the modern concept of Chinese machinery from the Japanese "Other Machinery", the Japanese Other Machinery products on the Other Machinery concept to do the following definition (Ie, the following three features are called Other Machinery machines).

1, the machine is a combination of objects, assuming that the force added to its various parts are difficult to deformation.

2, these objects must be achieved mutual, single, prescribed movement.

3, the energy applied to the most useful form, or into an effective Other Machinery work.

The definition of institutions and machines is derived from Other Machinery engineering, which is the most basic concept in the modern Other Machinery principle. The modern concept of Chinese machinery is derived from the term "machinery" in Japanese.

All the machines and institutions with definite motion systems. Such as: machine tools, tractors and so on.

Other Machinery engineering is based on the relevant natural science and technology science as the theoretical basis, combined with the technical experience accumulated in the production practice, research and solution in the development of design, manufacture, installation, use and repair of various machinery in the theoretical and practical problems Door application subject.

The development of various engineering fields requires the development of Other Machinery engineering in line with the need for Other Machinery engineering to provide the necessary machinery. The invention and perfection of certain machinery will lead to the emergence and development of new engineering techniques and new industries. Such as the success of large-scale power machinery manufacturing, contributed to the establishment of the power system; locomotive invention led to the rise of railway engineering and railway business; internal combustion engine, gas turbine, rocket engine inventions and progress, as well as aircraft and spacecraft successfully developed Aviation, the rise of space industry; the development of high-pressure equipment has led to the success of many new synthetic chemical engineering and so on.

Other Machinery engineering is the driving force behind the ever-increasing demands of all facets and the ability to improve and innovate from the advancements of various disciplines and technologies.

Machinery is a simple device, it can be energy, force from one place to another place. It can change the shape of the object structure to create new objects. In life, we are surrounded by countless different kinds of machinery for us to work.

The daily understanding of machinery is Other Machinery devices, that is, a variety of machines and equipment.

From the Other Machinery professional point of view: machinery has a very important basic position.

Machinery is one of the five major elements of production and service in modern society (ie, people, money, energy, materials and machinery).

When Marx speaks of industrial society, it is said that the industrial society, especially the large industrial society, is the era of machine production machines.

Regardless of the physical devices that come into contact with life, such as electric lights, telephones, televisions, refrigerators, elevators, etc., contain the components of the machine, or contained in the generalized machinery, and from the production point of view, Machine tools, automation equipment, aircraft, ships, God five, God six, etc., are lack of machinery.

In the Other Machinery drawing standards in the provisions of the project: paper format and format, proportion, font and graphics and so on. In the paper format and format specified in the size of the standard drawings and drawings in the corresponding size of the box. The ratio refers to the ratio of the length of the dimension in the pattern to the actual size of the machine. In addition to allowing the drawing with a ratio of 1: 1, only the reduction ratio and the magnification ratio specified in the standard are allowed.