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Nuts Processing Machinery Improve the quality of fruit and its storage

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

One: the harvest of Australian nuts

Harvest time

Australian nuts timely harvest period is a very important production technology links, harvest premature kernel will not be full, the kernel rate is low, peel is not easy to peel, and intolerant storage; harvest too late, the fruit left the ground Time is too long, will increase the chance of infection by mold,Nuts Processing Machinery resulting in decreased fruit quality. The harvest should be chosen in sunny days (rainy days or after the rain is not suitable for harvest) to improve the quality of the fruit and its storage.

Hawaii fruit ripening generally in mid-August - mid-October, due to flowering up to more than a month, resulting in fruit ripening time inconsistent, need to first harvest first. Fruit ripening, the peel will be changed from brown to dark brown, shell hard, easy to peel peel, this time full of nuts, white or milky white, fragrance, fruit harvest is the best period.

2. Harvesting method

Australian nuts are generally harvested by artificial manual harvesting and mechanical vibration harvesting method, the fruit is mature, it is appropriate to use the fruit hook one by one will be peeling off. The use of mechanical harvest: the first two weeks before harvesting the fruit trees spraying 500 times the amount of ethephon ripening, and then use appropriate mechanical vibration branches,Nuts Processing Machinery so that the use of mechanical harvesting Cooked fruit fall, with ethephon will lead to early loss of leaves, and to some extent will affect the growth of fruit trees.

Two: the processing of Australian nuts


With nuts → cut off the folder → with the shell grading → with the shell dry treatment → storage → broken fruit shell → nuts grading → packaging.

Orchard collection with clip shell

Australian nuts due to various varieties of different maturation time there are differences, mature with a folder fruit will fall one after another, should fall after the fruit every 2 - 3 days to collect once, after the fruit collection, will be mixed with stone and other fruit leaves Debris please clean, after delivery to the processing plant for the next step processing.

Cut off the folder

Freshly harvested mature nuts fruit folder water content of about 35% - 45%, nuts water content of about 23% - 25%, should be within 24 hours to fruit folder, if not within 24 hours to fruit folder, With a folder of fruit placed in a dry place to dry, but can not be placed directly in the sun exposure,Nuts Processing Machinery if the folder with the fruit piled together, under the action of high temperature and humidity nuts easy to ferment corruption, affecting quality.

(1) artificial deodorization pod method: the rubber pad to fix the nut, and then use the hammer to knock the peel, this method applies to small-scale plantation, the advantage is easy to peel peel, the shell is not hurt, High quality can be guaranteed.

(2) mechanical removal of pods: double screw-type pod machine, in the mechanical friction and pressure under the action of peel separation, the advantages of this method is easy to break away from green,Nuts Processing Machinery high efficiency, suitable for large plantations. This method should be used to adjust the spring pressure to the best position, try not to hurt the shell, to avoid fruit shell rupture after the impact of nut quality.