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Large area operation, the efficiency is also high

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

Garlic is the daily diet of the public spices, but also deep processing made of health care products, who can really know that garlic farmers are in the garlic planting, harvesting, cutting, handling the process of hardships, "Who knows disc Chinese food, The grain is hard, "for the Chinese garlic town of Heze, from small to large, witnessed and feel loved ones hard every year, I always think: whether there is a suitable mechanical tools to replace the duplication and heavy Manual labor Although there are farmers own machinery, but the practice has a lot of problems, the effect is not good, and sowing, digging, cutting and so often is a single operation, in a large area of operation, the efficiency is still low.

In recent years, the price of finished garlic rising, especially in 2016, the city supermarket garlic prices even soared to 19 yuan a pound, the public can not help but sigh: "garlic you ruthless" can not afford to eat garlic ah. Garlic prices high reasons, in addition to garlic cold storage costs, logistics costs, finishing labor costs, garlic cultivation and harvesting are basically all labor, planting costs are quite high. High cost of planting, large labor, but also the reasons for the high price of garlic.

Although the garlic is very expensive, but the garlic did not make money, money to make middlemen earned, the most bitter and tired is always farmers. 

Garlic selection, is basically garlic set their own garlic, in the year of garlic, the selection of a good product, the diameter of more than 5.5 cm garlic to do the best garlic. Taking into account the cost of the problem, the garlic diameter of more than 6 centimeters of garlic, garlic head large, in the same weight case, the number of garlic less, planting area is relatively small, not cost-effective. Relatively large garlic, are sold at a higher price to the garlic buyers.

Also some garlic farmers take into account the stubble too much, is not conducive to the growth of garlic, but also the purchase of garlic as garlic.

Before garlic sowing, garlic farmers use free time, to stay down to do garlic garlic peeling skin.

After peeling into one after a garlic:

The middle of the small garlic "folder with garlic" points out, do not do garlic, after the sale.

Leaving a large garlic to do garlic. Small garlic according to the specific circumstances of the treatment requirements are no scars, no saccharification, no light skin. The principle requires about 5g per grain weight. Seed size is the key to high yield.

Garlic planting time is about in September, late. The temperature is about 17 ℃. Sake the garlic 1 to 2 days before sowing.

As the mechanized sowing garlic, harvest garlic temporarily popular, so the whole process of growing garlic are manpower to complete.

Before sowing, it is best to soak in the water for several hours, the purpose is to add moisture to the garlic.