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How to Remove the Seed of the India Dry Date Pitter

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 05, 2017

The India dry date is very dry and hard, so in the market, it is very difficult to remove the seed of the India dry date or cut the India Dry Date Slice, because it will damange the needle and knife. After we made experiments, we solved this problem successfully.

Before removing the seed, please first soak the India dry date in the water, after it swell, it will be not too hard , then by using our PLC type Date Pitter, the seed will be removed easily and the pitting rate is very high. The date slicing machine could also successfully cut the date into small piece.

dry date.jpg

This photo is the dry India date before be soaked.

dry date pitter.jpg

The second photo is the India date after be soaked and removed the seed.

india dry date slice.jpg

The final photo is the India Date Slice after using our date slicing machine.