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Fruits Juice and Pulp Machinery Improve the whiteness of the slurry

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

The definition of the papermaking machinery industry is to include the preparation of raw materials, pulp, paper, until the production of large shaft paper or flat sheet, as well as processing paper and paperboard machinery.

Papermaking Machinery Type:

     The paper machine has a long net multi-cylinder paper machine, round paper machine, etc., according to the different types of paper products used in different types of paper machine.

Preparation equipment

     Is the papermaking raw materials in the cooking or refining, according to the cooking or refining process requirements for pretreatment and processing equipment, divided into non-timber fiber preparation equipment and wood fiber preparation equipment. The former are lawn mower, cut reed machine and sugar cane in addition to the machine, the latter have peeling machine, chipper and so on. The chipper is a machine that cuts the logs needed to produce wood pulp into certain specifications. It is divided into two types: disc and drum. The digester is a kind of lignin in papermaking raw material dissolved in cooking liquor, which separates the papermaking raw material For the fiber equipment, divided into two types of intermittent and continuous; grinding machine is the production of wood pulp equipment, according to the production can be divided into two types of intermittent and continuous, according to the way the pressure can be divided into hydraulic Pressurized and mechanical pressurized two categories;

Pulping equipment

     Is the equipment used to separate the plant material into a fiber process. Pulping methods can be divided into chemical, mechanical and chemical mechanical methods, the corresponding pulping equipment, including digester, refiner, pressure sieve, washer, rinse machine, beater and waste recovery equipment. The wood is sliced by cooking, and then in the high-pressure state of the slurry is called hot wood chips grinding pulp, the manufacture of hot wood grinding wood pulp machine is the refiner, grinding machine power consumption is large, so make full use of grinding The heat of the pulp process is the key problem of the grouting machine. The washing machine is the mechanical equipment which separates the pulp and the black liquor after cooking. According to the black liquor extraction rate, there are two kinds of high concentration and low concentration extraction. The purpose of pulp bleaching is to remove the residual lignin and pigments in the pulp after cooking, to improve the whiteness of the pulp, so that the pulp has a white color. Rinsing machine is a widely used bleaching device, which consists of bleach pulp screw propeller, washing drum and other components. The slurry and bleach are placed in the tank and the washing water is continuously added and circulated through the action of the auger to complete the mixing and chemical reaction process. Water with bleach and residual bleach is drained through the washbasin cavity to give white pulp.