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Fruits and Vegetable Processing Line Running smoothly and durable

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

Some people in the processing of fruits and vegetables when the cooker without special attention, which is wrong, improper use of cooking utensils may make the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables greatly reduced.

Nutrition experts suggest: should not use copper cookware processing vegetables and fruits. This is because copper is a very active metal, for vitamins, especially vitamin C has a strong oxidation and adsorption, so with copper cookware processing of fruits and vegetables will lead to the loss of a large number of vitamin ingredients, nutritional value decreased.

Innovative appearance and new transmission structure, more reliable use of performance and use value. Suitable for vegetables, fruits, herbs and other materials, cutting, the output can reach 800Kg / h and 1500Kg / h, for clean vegetables distribution, central kitchen, restaurant chain, canteen and vegetable food production of deep processing applications. Can be used alone, can also be used according to customer demand supporting the production line to complete the cutting, cleaning, sterilization, drying, packaging and other solutions, the use of flexible. Imported steel made of cutting tools to ensure the cutting quality and service life. At the same time, frequency control technology, you can flexibly adjust the conveyor belt and tool rotation, so as to achieve different customer cutting needs.

The machine uses the patented horizontal mixed flow cleaning technology, extend the cleaning path, without damaging the material. Cone-shaped bottom design, concentrated storage of sediment. 360 degree rotatable blown valve for different workshop design requirements. A variety of vibrating screen surface can be a reasonable exchange of material demand, reduce production costs. There are tank filter, water tank filter double filter system, water can be recycled, saving water. Applicable to leafy vegetables, rhizomes and fruits cut after the same water can be mixed with mobile material cleaning.

Horizontal mixed water patent cleaning technology, with fast disassembly drum type water automatic filter device, quick disassembly type cage to miscellaneous device, filter, to miscellaneous effect is obvious. The material is completely immersed in the coil, which can effectively prolong the material soaking and cleaning time. Multiple sets of superposition tube design structure, the material can be completely immersed in the tube, to ensure that cleaning, soaking time and sterilization effect.

The machine is equipped with balanced buffer suspension suspension centrifugal dewatering principle, complete the material centrifugal dehydration; machine operation smooth and safe to take PLC control program automatic cleaning system, convenient hygiene, safe and efficient; using triangular structure mechanical structure design with functional unit device perfect Combination; reasonable structure, solid and reliable. Running smoothly and durable.