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Continuous operation direction of the development

Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

Drying technology is the use of thermal energy to remove moisture (or solvent) in the material, and the use of air or vacuum, etc. to take the vaporized moisture (or solvent), so as to obtain dry product technology. Drying is indispensable in the production of pharmaceutical industry, the basic operation, different formulations, equipment, environment and methods of operation, will dry the situation has a greater difference.

The Washing Drying Sorting Machinery is a mechanical device that uses the heat energy to reduce the moisture content of the material for drying the object. The Washing Drying Sorting Machinery evaporates the moisture in the material (generally refers to moisture or other volatile liquid components) by heating to obtain a solid material with a defined moisture content. The purpose of drying is for the purpose of material use or further processing.

The modern Washing Drying Sorting Machinery was started with a fixed-bed fixed-bed Washing Drying Sorting Machinery. The mid-19th century, the use of tunnel-type Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, marking the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery from the intermittent operation to the direction of continuous development. Rotary cylinder Washing Drying Sorting Machinery is better to achieve the agglomeration of granular materials, drying capacity and strength can be improved. Some industries have developed separate drum Washing Drying Sorting Machinerys for the continuous operation of Washing Drying Sorting Machinerys, such as the textile and paper industry, which are suitable for the Bank's requirements.

Many types of Washing Drying Sorting Machinerys to operating pressure to points, the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery can be divided into two types of atmospheric pressure Washing Drying Sorting Machinery and vacuum Washing Drying Sorting Machinery. Operating under vacuum can reduce the moisture content of the space, steam partial pressure and accelerate the drying process. In addition, it can reduce the wet boiling point and the material drying temperature, so that the steam is not easy to leak. Therefore, the vacuum Washing Drying Sorting Machinery is more suitable for dry heat-sensitive, easy oxidation, explosive and toxic materials and wet steam needs to be recycled occasions.

In order to heat the way, the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery is divided into convection, conduction, radiation, dielectric and other types. Convection Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, also known as direct Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, is the use of hot dry media and wet material in direct contact with convection way to transfer heat, and the generated steam away. Conductive Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, also known as indirect Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, the main use of conduction from the heat source through the metal wall to the boring heat transfer, the formation of wet steam can be decompression suction, access to a small amount of purge gas or in a separate set of low temperature condensation Surface condensation and other mobile release.

Radiation Washing Drying Sorting Machinery is the use of a variety of radiators to launch a certain wavelength range of electromagnetic waves, wet material surface is selectively absorbed into heat after the dry. Dielectric Washing Drying Sorting Machinery is the use of high-frequency electric field effect, so that the wet material inside the thermal effect to dry.

The wet material can be divided into fixed bed, agitated, spray and combination. According to the structure, the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery can be divided into box Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, conveyor Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, drum Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, vertical Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, mechanical stirring Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, rotary Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, fluidized bed Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, Airflowers, vibratory Washing Drying Sorting Machinerys, spray Washing Drying Sorting Machinerys and modular Washing Drying Sorting Machinerys.

The main purpose of the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery is to remove the moisture in the compressed air, with a cold and dry machine can remove more than 90% of saturated water vapor. If the rear part of the chiller still has a lot of water, it is necessary to check the cold and dry machine. And if the internal heat exchanger inside the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery leaks, this will cause a portion of the compressed air to go directly from the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery outlet without passing through the evaporator.

The drain is a fragile part of the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery, although it is small but it is an important part. Washing Drying Sorting Machinery to remove water must be discharged through the drainage machine, if the drain is blocked or damaged can not be properly drained, then the cold and dry machine lost the water removal function, compressed air in the water will be intact to the rear of the pipeline. Therefore, if you encounter the case of poor water removal, you should carefully check the working conditions of the drainage.

Industry insiders said that although the Washing Drying Sorting Machinery more types, but the daily maintenance work is not much, the operator should not be ignored. In the maintenance process, the operator in addition to timely cleaning the condenser, the other is often check the work of the drainage device, a clogging phenomenon should be promptly cleaned. If it is slightly blocked, you can pour a little detergent into the drain, and then shake up and down several times can be cleaned. If the blockage is more serious, you need to drain the decomposition of cleaning. If there is a drainage that can not be cleaned, the expert advice should be replaced immediately.