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Garlic Grading Machine

We supply garlic grading machine with 3-6 level grading size, the sorting specification can be customized according to users’ requirement, which apply to garlic, onion, potato, sweet potato, etc

Detailed description

Garlic Grading Machine

The garlic grading machine is composed of lifting conveyor and grading part, which is graded according to the garlic size, garlic grading machine adopt stepless speed regulation, and the fruit feeding speed can be controlled freely. The classification amount is large, accurate, and the overload capability is strong.



Scope of application:

Suitable for grading and processing of irregular fruits and vegetables such as garlic, onion and potato.


Advantages of Garlic Grading Machine

The grading specifications of the grading machine can be customized according to the customer's requirements. During the work, it does not hurt the garlic or drop the garlic skin, improves the garlic yield. Garlic grading machine has been equipped with universal casters before leave our factory, which is adaptable to the ground, flexible to move and easy to use.


3 Level Garlic Grading


Details of Garlic Grading Machine


Features of Garlic Grading Machine

◆Reasonable design, compact and sturdy structure, beautiful appearance, light and durable

◆Multi-purpose machine, wide application range, high sorting efficiency and simple operation

◆Low power consumption, low noise, no fruit damage, flexible movement and convenient maintenance.


Garlic Grading Working site


6 Level Garlic Grading


Manufaturing workshop


Our Serive & Deliverying




1.  How many levels of your galric grading machine?

--- We could customize 3-6 leves according to customers’ demand.

2 . Does it suitable for other fruits and vegetables?

---This soting machine apply to rould shape material such as garlic, onion, we have different type sorter for different material, please contact us for recommendation.

3.  How long is the guarantee? 

We provide One year guarantee. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer, but without the human damage factor.

4.  What about the payment term?

T/T, Western Union, Paypal payment, L/C and so on. 

We are committed to food processing machinery industry for years, professional on supply variety fruits and vegetable processing line designing and manufacturing, please contact us to get official offer.


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