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Fruits Pulping Machine

The fruit pulping machine is used to extract pulp from fruits and vegetables, it also could be called the tomato jam making machine, kiwifruits pulping machine, strawberry pulp making machine, apple jam pulping machine, orange pulp extracting machine, red date pulp making machine, hawthorn pulp extruding machine, banana pulping machinery, and green leaf vegetables pulping machine.

Detailed description

Brief introduction of the fruits pulping machine.

This fruits pulping machine machine can be used for many fresh fruits and vegetables.

It could make the fruits and vegetables pulp, fruit jam and separate the stone and skin of the fruits. Such as: tomato, kiwi, strawberry, apple, orange meat, hawthorn, red Jujube, grape, macaque peach, mulberry notes, waxberry, etc and after pre-cooking softening haw. The fruits pulping machine is the important equipment for food processing industry.


Main parameters of the fruits pulping machine






0.12 t/h


820*450*950 mm


2.5 t/h

4.0 kw

1350*770*1500 mm


3.5 t/h

5.5 kw

1550*770*1530 mm


5 t/h

11 kw

1750*1000*1700 mm


0.24 t/h

3 kw

820*1000*1350 mm


4 t/h

7.5 kw

1370*1370*1800 mm


7.5 t/h

18.5 kw

1935*2275*1700 mm


Working principle of the fruits pulping machine

When the smashed fruit and vegetables go into the feeding hopper, the pulp holder tray will distribute the fruits or vegetables to the scraper and screen, Due to the rotation of the scraper and the existence of lead Angle, Material moves along the cylinder toward the outlet , The trajectory is spiraling, The material is rubbed by centrifugal force as it moves between the scraper and the sieve tube, The juice and meat (which have been pulp) are brought from the sieve through the next procedure (double and triple pulper are combined to repeat the above process) The skin and seeds are discharged from the dregs for the purpose of automatic separation the pulp and sludge. The pulping speed could also be adjusted by Changing the different specifications screen mesh and adjust the size of the leading Angle of the scraper.


Flow chart of the fruits pulping machine



Characters of the fruits pulping machine.

1. The fruits pulping machine body is made of food degree stainless steel, and the sealing part is made of food degree rubber .

2. The fruits pulping machine could automatically pulping and separating the sludge.

3. The pulping speed is ≤860r/min and could be adjusted.

4. The fruits puling machine door cover is level 2 security protection.

5. Widely application in the fruits beverage processing industry, such as the strawberry pulp shop, banana pulp processing industry, tomato pulp beverage processing machine industry, leafy vegetable juice and pulp processing factory and other fruits pulp processing industry.



FAQ of the fruits pulping machine.

1. How many ton tomato pulp could we process per hour.

The capacity of the fruits pulping machine is range from 0.12 t/h to 7.5 t/h, customer could according to your requirement choose the suitable model machine.

2. Could the fruits pulping machine process the green leaf vegetable pulp?

Yes, the fruits pulping machine could cut the leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, celery, and then separate the gluten.

3. What is the delivery time.

The delivery time of the fruits pulping machine is 7 days.

4. What is the transportation way.

By shipping ocean transport.


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