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Palm Dates Pitting Machine

We supply palm dates pitting machine with fully automatic PLC control system, remove the date pit without break the dates, which is widely used for variety fruits pitting such us dry or wet dates, olives, cherry, etc.

Detailed description

Palm Dates Pitting Machine

Introduction of palm dates pitting machine

Palm dates pitting machine is also called palm dates deseeding machine, which is used to remove the palm dates pit from the dates flesh without break the dates or change the dates original shape; with its adjustable and widely application features, it is widely apply to different fruits pitting such as wet and dry dates, palm date, jujube, olives, cherry, etc.


Application: Palm dates, dry dates, Algeria dates, Pakistan dates, jujube, middle east palm dates, olives, cherry, plum, etc.


Advantages of palm dates pitting machine

Palm dates pitting machine is completely made of high-quality 304 stainless steel material, fully in line with the safety standards of food processing equipment, with microcomputer and PLC control system, the transmission system adopts advanced design, conveyor belt adopts new imported polyurethane with long service life. The shape of the palm dates before and after processing is completely unchanged. 

In terms of maintenance, palm dates pitting machine is easy for every operator to operate.


Parameters of palm dates pitting machine


Palm dates pitting machine





Raw   material size


Pitting   rate


Main   motor







Features of palm dates pitting machine

Widely suitable to pit dates, cherry, plum, olive, crab apple, hawthorn and so on.

Adjustable mold according to different materials, with the diameter scope from 14mm to 34mm.

Frequency conversion technology makes the operation simple and high effective.

High integrity flesh rate.


Unique transmission technology and stable structure of palm dates pitting machine improve the working efficiency by 80%, the performance is more stable and yield increase greatly, reduce the maintenance cost in use process and pulp loss. Wide range of applicability and leading technology has made this machine sold all over the world.


                          Brush                                           Pitting pins                                          Light


Detailed Image of palm dates pitting machine



Palm dates pitting effect



Customer visit and test of palm dates pitting machine



Available dates to palm dates pitting machine




1. What kind of dates your machine apply to?

Fresh and dry dates, palm dates, jujube, middle east palm dates, our machine has been exported to many countries, with widely application.

2. How do I know if your machine are suits to me?

Please contact us and provide photos or samples, we will give you best pitting recommandation according to your dates.

3.How long is the guarantee? 

We provide One year guarantee. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer, but without the human damage factor.

4.What about the payment term?

T/T, Western Union, Paypal payment, L/C and so on. 


Service&Packing of palm dates pitting machine


We are committed to food processing machinery industry for years, professional on supply variety fruits and vegetable processing line designing and manufacturing, please contact us to get official offer.


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