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Dry Dates Slicing And Dicing Machine

Dry Dates Slicing and Dicing Machine is used to cut the hard dry dates into 3-5 or 6-8mm small pieces, with special cutting design and adjustable cutting size, high production capacity and durable blades, it has been ideal equipment in fruits processing industry.

Detailed description

Brief Introduction of Dry Dates Slicing and Dicing Machine

Dry dates slicing and dicing machine is used to cut the pitted dates into small cube, the machine is made by stainless steel, which is the newest products designed and developed by our technician team least year and have made a series test, widely used in dates cutting processing especialy hard dry dates, which is more and widely used in food processing factory.


Features of Dry Dates Slicing and Dicing Machine

Suitable for fresh and dry red jujube, dry hard dates, fresh olives, etc oval shape fruits.

● It is made of stainless steel; good cutting effect;

●  High capacity and efficiency; fully automatic;

●  Durable and good quality bades with longer lifetime;

●  Easy to change the blades and adjust;

●  Easy to operate and maintenance;

We’ve made a lot of trial of India hard dry dates, Pakistan dry dates, Algeria dry dates, dry red jujube, all achive good dicing performance, please inquiry us to get the detailed information.


Parameters of Dry Dates Slicing and Dicing Machine



Slicing &Dicing   size


Working   efficiency



380v, 50hz



Gear motor






1.  Is this dates slicing&dicing machine suitable for different types of dates?

--- yes, It suitable for vareity size of dates, such as Pakistan dry dates, Algeria dry dates, dry red jujube.

2.  Is the dicing size can be adjusted?

---Our machine can cut dry dates into 3-5mm according to customers’ demand, please advise the size you need, we will set it well before delivery.

3. How long of the life-time of blades?

The life time of baldes is usually 5-6 months, depends on working force and maintaince.

3.  How long is the guarantee? 

We provide One year guarantee, life-time consultant and technical support

4.  What about the payment term?

T/T, Western Union, Paypal payment, L/C and so on. 


We are committed to food processing machinery industry for years, professional on supply variety fruits and vegetable processing line designing and manufacturing, please contact us to get official offer.

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