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Onion Sorting And Peeling Process Equipment

Onion sorting/root cutting and peeling process equipment mainly includes onion sorting machine, onion skin removing machine, onion cutting and slicing machine. It can be widely used in vegetable process factory and seasoning process industry.

Detailed description

Introduction of onion process sorting and peeling equipment

Onion sorting and peeling process line, also called onion peeling process plant, which can be used to process the fresh and dry onion. It is an ideal equipment to handle the onion. And onion processing line is consist of onion grading machine, automatic onion peeling machine and auto process cutting machine. 

Onion sorting machine material is carbon steel. It can sort the onion according to onion diameter and size. 3-6 levels can be graded by onion grading machine. This type machine have a wide application for onion planting farm and vegetable sale market.


Onion peeling machine is completely made of high-quality food grade stainless steel 304 material, It mainly includes single row feeder conveyor, peeling section, and discharge conveyor. The onion can be feed into peeling part automatically.

Features of onion skin removing machine from onion sorting and peeling process equipment 

1. No need to grade, not request for dry and wet, onion produce country and so on.

2. Automatic operation. Lowest damage and high peeling rate.

3. There’s no spare parts for onion skin peeling removing machine, durable and long working life.

4. Working method is peeling with onion root, there’s no knife to handle onion, protect onion.


Onion root cutting machine from onion peeling process plant, it could cut the onion one by one automatically. This is an ideal equipment to process onion.



The new design one onion root cutter machine. Which includes feeding conveyor and cutting section. Onion root cutting machine could process 50-120mm diameter onions. One conveyor process 50-80mm onion, Second conveyor can handle 80-120mm onions.

Before onion root cutting machine, we suggest customer to use the onion grading machine to sort according to onion diameter, then the working performance is wonderful.


Onion Cutting and slicing machine from onion peeling process equipment is made by SUS304 raw material. unique knife design, so the cutting and slicing size can be adjusted, Customer can choose just cutting or just slicing, also it will be no problem for cut and slice.



1. Do you have the stainless steel material onion grading machine for onion peeling process line?

---Yes, of course, onion grading machine material, sorting level, working length and any other function can be customized by your needs. Pls share ur request with our sales engineer, we could prepare proposal. 

2. Do you have smaller capacity onion process machine?

---We mainly do the onion process equipment for medium and big capacity. If customer have smaller capacity, we could make the smaller onion equipment to match with ur needs. 

3. If we are the onion plant farm, how could we choose the onion sorting and peeling process equipment?

For the onion farm, customer could choose the onion grading and sorting machine to grade the different size onion and resell them again.

Also onion root cutting machine and onion skin peeling machine can help to get the cleaned onion for local supermarket. 

4. How long is the guarantee? 

One year guarantee for the onion processing line. Problem which are caused by onion process machinery self and quality, we will send the spare parts to customer for free. 


We have produced the onion processing equipment and onion handling whole line for many years, if you have any requirements, please contact us to get official offer and project proposal.

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