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Desiccated Coconut Production Line

The desiccated coconut processing line is specially designed according to the needs of coconut processing industry. The size of the shredded coconut can be customized according to the requirements of customers. The line contains a whole set of equipment,from coconut husking to coconut grinding and coconut drying.

Detailed description

Product Introduction of Desiccated Coconut Production Line

Our company provides the whole line of desiccated coconut processing. Our production line includes the procedures like removing the coconut tree brown, getting rid of the hard coconut shells, cleaning the coconut meat, crushing the coconut into 2-4mm fine particles, and finally removing the moisture in the wet coconut according to customers’s needs, leaving only 2% to 3% of the water, for better coconut packaging or storage.

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Procedures of Desiccated Coconut Production Line

a. Firstly,remove the thick coconut tree brown.The capacity of coconut husking machine can be up to 600pcs/h, which has good performance in removing the thick coconut tree brown. They're divided into carbon steel type and stainless steel type. It is a necessary equipment before coconut shelling.


b.Then remove the hard coconut shells. The machine adopts the rotating saw-toothed blade to remove the hard shells from coconut, instead of workers manual shelling, saving labor costs and working time.There are two models: the one with single working position and the other one with double working positions.

单工位 剥壳机.jpg4.jpg

coconut shelling machine2.jpg

c. Next step is to clean the coconut meat. Coconut cleaning machine is specially designed according to the characteristics of coconut, and adopts the rolling drum washing and water spraying device to fully clean every corner of coconut. 

coconut washing machine.jpg

d.After coconut being washed, the coconuts need to be grinded into small particles.Our coconut meat grinder adopts advanced conical cutter and the whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel. It works more stably and efficiently. According to customers'requirements, we can customize machine with different capacity to crush the coconut meat into 2-4mm fine particles.

coconut grinding machine.jpg

e. Last step, the shredded coconut is transported through the conveyor belt to the coconut drying equipment.After drying, The desiccated coconut contains only 2%-3% of water, Then it will be convenient for packaging or storage.    

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Features of Desiccated Coconut Production Line

◇ Accurately customize equipments in coconut production line according to customers' capacity and requirements;

◇  The machine is made of 304 stainless steel and is more durable, and with stable working;

◇  Customers can choose to buy a single machine or customize the  whole production line as required.


Packing and shipping


Packing   details

1.Coconut processing machine will be coated with film firstly.


2.Packed the machine with free-fumigation wooden case.


Shipping   details

1.Deliver the machines after the deposit. Shipped by container.


2.Provide the complete documents that customs clearance required.

FAQ of Desiccated Coconut Production Line 

Q1. When the desiccated production line will be delivered?

---The production line will be delivered in about 40 working days after receiving the payment.

Q2. What about the payment terms?

---T/T, Western Union, Paypal, L/C, and so on.

Q3. How about the Guarantee?

---The guarantee is for one year, but we provide life-time technical support, any problem happened in your future using, will reply in 24 hours and solve your problems as soon as possible.

Q4. Can you provide engineer overseas service?

---YES. We can offer this service, if you purchase production line from us, we will send enginner go to your countries for installation and training.

Our service

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