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Date Pitting Process Line

Date pitting process line, known as olive or jujube pitting and core removing line also. There’s different deep process equipment for date pitting process line. Such as date cleaning machine, jujube grading machine, date core removing machine and slicing equipment.

Detailed description

Introduction of dates and olives pitting process line

Date pitting process line mainly includes different production equipment: Date brush type cleaning machine, automatic date chain type cleaner, grading date machine and pitting date process machine. All the equipment will be made by food grade stainless steel.

Date cleaning machine from date pitting process line, there’s two working types: one for brush type, it is suitable for smaller and medium capacity date cleaning. Second is chain type automatic cleaning machine. There’s a wide application for big capacity factory.


Date and olive grading machine, also called olive sorting equipment. It can sort the date and olive according to date size. 3-6 levels can be graded by date grading machine. Available raw material of date grading machine is carbon steel and stainless steel 304.


Date pitting process machine, also named date and jujube core removing machine, which can be used to pit and remove the core of kinds of date/jujube/olive. Such as Chinese red dates, India jujube, Pakistan date, Saudi Arabia dates, Algeria dates, Iraq dates, Tunisia dates and olives, Spain olive, Turkey olive and so on.


Parameters of date pitting process line


Raw material size


Pitting rate



















Features of date pitting equipment from date pitting process line

● Multi functional. Widely suitable for various of date, olive, cherry, plum and so on.

● Save labor cost, just one date pitting process line can replace more than 3-4 person job, it is high efficiency.

● Date pitting process equipment material is sus304, it can match the food deep process sanitary requirements.

● Upgrade technology, we could design the pitting and cutting section for date pitting machine.



Date cleaning and pitting machine we sell now is one type from date pitting process line. High technology and durable date core removing process line, it can improve the working efficiency and reduce the labor operation numbers. Customer can choose different date working machine according to self demands.


We could customize the date process machine and make the production proposal as per customer requirements. Give us your request, we share the proposal to you for the date processing line.



1. Is there the date cleaning machine for date pitting process line?

---Yes, we have two types cleaning machine for dates. One is brush and water spraying type cleaning date machine, second one is chain delivery full automatic date washing machine. We will introduce the equipment to customer as per your warehouse dimension and working capacity.

2. Do you have any other date deep process equipment?

---Yes. We mainly engaged in research and manufacture fruit deep process machinery. There’s any other related date process equipment: date slicing machine, date pitting and cutting mouth machine, date cube making machine, date drying and milling equipment.

3. How about your production time for the date pitting process line?

---Production time is around 20-30 working days for the whole date production line, we will arrange production after got customer deposit.

4. How long is the guarantee? 

The guarantee period is one year for date pitting process line. Generally, we will send whole set spare parts for one year to customer for free. Other problem caused by machine quality, we will send the spare parts to customer for free. 


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