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Fruits and Vegetable Processing Line

  • Mashed Garlic Processing Machinery

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    Mashed Garlic Processing Machinery

    Mashed Garlic is also named milled garlic or garlic paste, mashed garlic processing machinery is one processing line which includes the garlic harvest machine, garlic root and stem cutting machine, garlic grading machine, garlic separating machine, garlic clove peeling machine, garlic paste...Read More

  • Desiccated Coconut Production Line

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    Desiccated Coconut Production Line

    The desiccated coconut processing line is specially designed according to the needs of coconut processing industry. The size of the shredded coconut can be customized according to the requirements of customers. The line contains a whole set of equipment,from coconut husking to coconut grinding...Read More

  • Onion Sorting And Peeling Process Equipment

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    Onion Sorting And Peeling Process Equipment

    Onion sorting/root cutting and peeling process equipment mainly includes onion sorting machine, onion skin removing machine, onion cutting and slicing machine. It can be widely used in vegetable process factory and seasoning process industry.Read More

  • Date Pitting Process Line

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    Date Pitting Process Line

    Date pitting process line, known as olive or jujube pitting and core removing line also. There’s different deep process equipment for date pitting process line. Such as date cleaning machine, jujube grading machine, date core removing machine and slicing equipment.Read More

  • Coconut Process Machines to Get Coconut Oil Products

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    Coconut Process Machines to Get Coconut Oil Products

    Centrifugation method to handle coconut oil. This coconut oil production machine is made of SUS304, high efficiency and automatic operation. Frequency controller, stepless speed regulation can ensure the working performance. Production flow: Conveyor- Coconut Meat Grinding Machine - Screw...Read More

  • Fully Automatic Organic and Desiccated Coconuts Production Line from Coconut Process Equipment

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    Fully Automatic Organic and Desiccated Coconuts Production Line from Coconut Process Equipment

    Desiccated coconut dryer system, it can process organic desiccated coconut and extracted desiccated coconut. Whole plant will be made of SUS304 raw material. Food hygiene, health and safety. Different capacity can be customized by the customer demands. Production flow: Conveyor- Coconut Meat...Read More

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